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Zwift Insider Tiny Races – Full Race Details

November 5, 2022

Zwift Insider Tiny Races

  • Race 1: LaGuardia Loop Reverse (1 lap)
    • A quick lead-in followed by one short loop, this is a fast circuit with a bit of a rise just after the lap banner. Will anyone be brave enough to go long, or will it be left to a pack sprint?
    • Powerup: Draft Boost 2x
  • Race 2: Everything Bagel (4.076km, ends at KOM banner)
    • This one’s for the punchy climbers. Begin on NYC’s paved roads then quickly transition to the glass roads and attack the NYC KQOM Reverse. First person to the top wins!
    • Powerup: Feather
  • Race 3: The 6 Train (1 lap)
    • One quick clockwise loop of Central Park’s inner roads. Do you use your feather on the kicker on the back of the course, or save it for a bit of a boost in the long, flat finishing sprint?
    • Powerup: Aero Boost
  • Race 4: Park Perimeter Loop (7.434km, ends at sprint banner)
    • The Harlem Hill climb will stretch and split the field. But with a few kilometers left until the line, some riders may be able to chase back onto the front. This is our longest race of the day, so we put it at the end in case some D riders need a few extra minutes to cross the line.
    • Powerup: None

Zones: 8am, 2pm & 8pm UTC

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November 5, 2022


A+, A, B, C, D
Mens, Womens
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